Good afternoon,


On July 31, 2019, Greystar hosted a third set of community meetings at Main and Elm Restaurant to discuss the 1601 El Camino Real project proposed for Beech and Main Streets. The meeting was attended by approximately 50 community members, including representatives of the following local organizations:

  • Roosevelt Neighborhood Association
  • Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Redwood City Park & Arts Foundation
  • City Trees
  • Redwood City Downtown Business Group
  • Redwood City/San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce
  • HIP Housing
  • MIdPen Housing
  • Footsteps Childcare
  • Build UP San Mateo County (childcare)


The meeting was divided into the following three main categories

  • Project update presentation.
  • Informational stations dealing with the timely issues of architecture, housing and affordability, public art, childcare, historic shed uses and landscape options, and proposed public open spaces.
  • Walking tour of the proposed project site.


Below is a summary of the project update presentation

  • Foundational assumptions for the project include:
    • Conform with existing zoning and the General Plan
    • Maximize the production of affordable housing units
    • Deliver on the strategic priorities of the City Council for affordable housing, transportation, and children and youth
  • How Greystar is listening and responding:

    Major project changes in response to ongoing feedback:

    • Provide 33% of total residential units as affordable.
    • Moved child care center to Parcel B on Lathrop Street.
    • Redesign Parcel A to have retail along El Camino.
    • Redesign Parcel B to have a 19,000-sq. ft. retail space suitable for family activity uses like a skate rink, bowling alley, or arcade and restaurant.
    • Add El Camino plaza at Maple, creek walk, and community garden
    • Plan Lathrop Street as a bike and pedestrian corridor leading to Caltrain
    • Re-purpose historic Perry’s Feed Shed for retail use and propose Shasta Street closure at Lone Palm Park to create new open space suitable for public events.
    • Align Beech Street with Lincoln Avenue across El Camino for safety
    • Divide Parcel E to preserve Cedar Street view corridor
    • Add a café in Building E across from the city dog park.




Here’s what we heard/learned from our stations:

What Landscape Elements Do You Like for the Open Space?

  • Drought Resistant
  • Flexible Open Green Lawn
  • Native Plants
  • Children’s Play Area, Children Climbing area
  • Enclosure is rare in this city, could work for this site – RWC needs a central park


  • Make the shed a semi-open community focused art space (with music programming and classes)
  • Peninsula Art Museum needs a new space
  • Live work art studio spaces
  • Divide retail into small spaces for local small business like a farmer’s market


  • Making sure that some of the spots in childcare are reserved for low-income families
  • Perhaps allowing low income families live the low-income housing – it’s very hard to find preschool staff because pay is poor
  • Make sure that the provider chosen in very high quality
  • Tenant Improvement package for childcare provider, TI package can be very costly and makes it difficult to provide

Public Art: What Should We Build?

  • Expand “Art on the Square” (and sponsor)
  • Sundial
  • Sculpture with moving components
  • Active Technology Focus (detects movement, interactive) a tribute to technology hop of RWC
  • Shade making art that can be walked through
  • LED based light instillation -à like Bay Bridge light installation
  • Series of installations that would draw people in
  • Metal and water public art installations
  • Murals and interactive art
  • Something children can climb outside from daycare
  • Sculpture Garden in park areas
  • Shadows on the ground plane like in downtown
  • Sculpture kids can climb

Artists for Public Art: Who Should We Contact?

  • Katinka Hartmetz
  • Beth Mostovoy – Arts RWC
  • Arts Redwood City
  • Redwood City Parks and Art Foundation
  • Fung Collaboratives
  • Pen Art Museum
  • Arts Commission
  • Barbara Pierce
  • Local Women Artist(s)