On May 16, 2018, Greystar hosted the first community meeting for the 1601 El Camino Real project in downtown Redwood City at the Fox Forum. Two identical sessions were held, the first in the afternoon and the second in the evening, in order to increase participation and accommodate busy schedules.

The meeting notice was emailed to all neighborhood associations in Redwood City along with key stakeholders, downtown organizations, the chamber of commerce, and other interested parties. The meeting was posted on various social media sites, Nextdoor, and mailed as a postcard to property owners, residents and businesses within an extended 1,000 ft radius of the project site.

Attendance between both meetings was approximately 75 attendees and the meeting started with an overview presentation of the project and then divided into facilitated group discussions about the following topics:

  • Pedestrian & Bike Corridors
  • Public Green Space Options
  • Active Use Programming Preferences
  • Active Use Locations

All of the groups engaged in a robust and productive discussion about the topics above and the project in general; and the meeting ended with a question-and-answer forum.

At the end or both meeting sessions, each attendee was asked to complete a confidential survey about a variety of topics. The survey results can be viewed by clicking here.