Project Description

The proposed Project is comprised of 540 multi-family residential units, 147 of which are affordable (inclusive of the 38 affordable units provided by the 1304 El Camino Real project). The Project will also include approximately 530,000 sf of office, an 8,500 sf public child care facility (not including approximately 5,800 sf of dedicated outdoor space), and approximately 28,000 sf of retail uses, including a 19,000 sf space that is designed to accommodate a large family friendly use. The project also features nearly 40,000 sf of public open space throughout, including a new, pedestrian-friendly creek walk along Redwood Creek and a new public open space at Shasta and Chestnut. We aim to meet the goals of the community, the El Camino Real Corridor Plan, and the RWCMoves Vision.

The Vision



The site is comprised of approximately six blocks along the El Camino Real Corridor in Redwood City, CA, and is bordered by El Camino Real, Maple Street, Elm Street, Main Street, Caltrain right-of-way, Chestnut Street, Shasta Street, and Cedar Street.

The Site

Existing Conditions

Community Input

What We’ve Learned from the Community

  • More open space and community gathering options
  • Need for family-friendly entertainment
  • Need for childcare
  • Retail that serves the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Retain Main & Elm
  • Traffic impacts & mitigations
  • Affordable housing
  • Coordination with El Camino Corridor Plan
  • Adaptive reuse of historic feed shed on Shasta & Elm
  • Architectural consideration for surrounding area
  • Need for organic development—shouldn’t look like a campus
  • Bike and pedestrian safety improvements and enhancements

Community Meetings

Next community meeting TBD

Community Meeting #1

On May 16, 2018, Greystar hosted the first community meeting for the 1601 El Camino Real project in downtown Redwood City at the Fox Forum. Two identical sessions were held, the first in the afternoon and the second in the evening, in order to increase participation and accommodate busy schedules. The meeting notice was emailed…

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Community Meeting #2

On July 17, 2018, Greystar hosted a second set of community meetings at the Fox Forum to discuss the 1601 El Camino Real project proposed for Beech and Main Streets. Two identical sessions were held, the first in the afternoon and the second in the evening, to accommodate busy schedules and ensure maximum community participation.…

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Community Meeting #3

Good afternoon,   On July 31, 2019, Greystar hosted a third set of community meetings at Main and Elm Restaurant to discuss the 1601 El Camino Real project proposed for Beech and Main Streets. The meeting was attended by approximately 50 community members, including representatives of the following local organizations: Roosevelt Neighborhood Association Downtown Neighborhood…

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Project Progression: Initial Submission/Revised Submission

We’ve updated our submissions based on community input. Please click on the links to view the project plan submissions or continue through the slide shows below.

Project Progression: How we incorporated community input

Complete Streets

Public Open Space

Pedestrian & Bike Corridors

Active Use Programming

JOBS/Housing Balance

Architectural Diversity

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Previous Events

Greystar was happy to host two community meetings at the Fox Forum in downtown Redwood City on May 16, 2018, July 17, 2018, and July 31, 2019 to connect with the community and share information about the El Camino Real project.

Make sure to check back here for future events!

Next community meeting TBD